EssentialAir CPAP

The Canadian Provider for CPAP Therapy

EssentialAir CPAP Inc. is a leading Ontario provider for CPAP Therapy solutions. We're experienced and certified to treat sleep apnea patients, and our office resides in Downtown Toronto.

We work directly with Canadian hospitals and practitioners to offer reliable CPAP products for patients.

Our team carries over a decade of experience treating sleep apnea patients with CPAP machines and products. As well, we work with all of the major manufacturers to offer the most modern products and solutions.

We carry partnerships with major manufacturers of CPAP Machines and related products. That's why we're confident in offering our clients the best product selection and price.

Given the variety of CPAP products, a consultation with an expert can help you find the right solution for your sleep apnea condition. We also offer mask fitting and CPAP machine tutorials that can be scheduled at our office during the week.

Our catalogue include all of the major brands for CPAP machines and masks. As well, we handle prescriptions and referrals from Canadian medical practitioners and work closely with Toronto's major hospitals and clinics.

Some of The Brands Carried at EssentialAir CPAP

When it comes to treating your sleep apnea, you shouldn't have to compromise on product selection!